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Pegaso Online University is the foremost Italian online University which counts more than 100,000 enrolled students and the highest quality assurance system, with the main purpose of delivering in English the educational offer of the Università Telematica Pegaso.

POU is the first European player in distance Education in the online environment, together with the Universitas Mercatorum (the University of Italian Chambers of Commerce), and Pegaso International of Malta. Università Telematica Pegaso was established in 2006 and during its 14 years of activity has provided education to over 100,000 students enrolled in degree, postgraduate, advanced and higher education courses.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and its strong involvement in the Lifelong Learning process, Università Telematica Pegaso has become the main partner of Professional Associations, companies, Public Administration, associations and trade unions as well as public and private bodies.

Università Telematica Pegaso is present on the entire Italian territory in 90 magnificent exam locations prides itself of a wide network of around 740 ECPs (E-learning Centre Points), that is the University orientation centres which help students in approaching online learning and support them in choosing the courses that suit them best, according to their goals and ambitions.
In the Third Mission framework, which involves universities by linking them with socio-economic stakeholders, the Università Telematica Pegaso has signed more than 500 Agreements, demonstrating over the years an extraordinary ability to acknowledge the demand for higher education and to satisfy it through the creation of tailor-made learning programmes.

Today, Università Telematica Pegaso is strongly focused on the internationalisation process aiming at a planned international development, and counting on a remarkable technological flexibility, that allows it to meet all educational needs, even in the farthest area of the World.

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