Guidelines for Conducting Distance Oral Examinations

Every participant undertaking a distance written examination is requested to read this document carefully in its entirety, and to follow the Guidelines indicated. For further clarifications to be received before the date of examination, please send an email to:
(write “ASSISTANCE” in the subject box of the email, and then provide the following information as an email message: name of the module, name and surname of the candidate).

The necessary conditions to undertake distance examinations are as follows:


  • A stable Internet connection
  • possession of adequate audio-visual
  • connection equipment (webcam and microphone);
  • Google Chrome browser

B. A PC, with a stable Internet connection and electrical power connection to undertake the examination. We suggest disabling automatic system updates and/or other application updates that may require restarting the PC during the examination.

C. The PC must be equipped with a webcam and microphone necessary for the remote control of procedures by the Examination Board.

D. A suitable room which ensures the correct conduct of the examination and the hosting of the PC workstation. The participant must prepare the room in such way as to eliminate any item that may prejudice personal dignity, privacy rights and may be deemed offensive or in any way inappropriate to others. Any item revealing personal information and sensitive data must be removed from the room. The candidate must wear appropriate attire and must ensure absolute silence, as well as the prevention of access to other persons from entering the room.

E. The webcam must focus only on the candidate undertaking the examination who is requested to undertake the test without any type of aids.

F. The use of headphones is forbidden.

Failure to meet any of the above-mentioned requirements shall impede the examination from taking place. It is forbidden to undertake the examination whilst using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

The candidate must carefully follow the guidelines indicated in this document.

To sit for the examination, students must complete the following steps:

Made on the platform and by the prescribed deadlines

Upon completion of the registration procedure, an advice will be sent to the email address provided upon registration. Candidates are required to reply to such email and confirm their participation, or unavailability. Should the candidate fail to reply, the second email shall not be received and the candidate will be prevented from sitting for the examination.

Within two days before the examination date, the registered candidates shall receive an email providing the following information:

  • Time indications;
  • A connection link to access the virtual classroom via google meet and from your Personal Computer, at the time scheduled; we recommend storage of the link on the Personal Computer (or in any case to ensure, when necessary immediate access to the link from Personal Computer)

On the examination date, as from the time indicated in the notice, the candidate must:

  • Access google meet from the Personal Computer;
  • Check that the PC webcam and microphone are functioning; audio-visual equipment must be connected;
  • Read the privacy policy and the guidelines for distance examination.

The candidate is required to wait in silence in order to be accredited by the Examination Board (this may require several minutes);

Upon identification, the candidate must show to the Examination Board a valid identification document and the room where the examination shall be undertaken;

Upon completion of the identification procedure, the webcam must clearly focus on (thus avoiding any light reflections) the candidate's face and workstation;

The student must clearly state agreement to the privacy policy and acceptance to be video recorded;

Candidates are required to remain seated for the entire duration of the examination, whilst awaiting further instructions from the Examination Board. The candidate must not leave the room for any reason, under penalty of annulment of the examination.

Switch on the microphone only when required undertake the oral examination following the Examination Board's instructions

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