Guidelines for Conducting Distance Written Examinations

Every participant undertaking a distance written examination is requested to read this document carefully in its entirety, and to follow the Guidelines indicated. For further clarifications to be received before the date of examination, please send an email to:
(write “ASSISTANCE” in the subject box of the email, and then provide the following information as an email message: name of the module, name and surname of the candidate).

The necessary conditions to undertake distance examinations are as follows:


  • A stable Internet connection
  • possession of adequate audio-visual connection equipment (webcam and microphone);
  • A scanned copy of a valid identification document, in jpeg format with maximum file size not exceeding 2 MB.
  • Google Chrome browser

B. A PC, with a stable Internet connection and electrical power connection to undertake the examination. We suggest disabling automatic system updates and/or other application updates that may require restarting the PC during the examination.

C. The PC must be equipped with a webcam and microphone necessary for the remote control of procedures by the Examination Board.

D. A suitable room which ensures the correct conduct of the examination and the hosting of the PC workstation. The participant must prepare the room in such way as to eliminate any item that may prejudice personal dignity, privacy rights and may be deemed offensive or in any way inappropriate to others. Any item revealing personal information and sensitive data must be removed from the room. The candidate must wear appropriate attire and must ensure absolute silence, as well as the prevention of access to other persons from entering the room.

E. The webcam must focus only on the candidate undertaking the examination who is requested to undertake the test without any type of aids (except when expressly authorised to consult sources previously shown to the webcam for remote control). All that will take place during the examination will be recorded and the recording is subject to verification by the Examination Board entrusted with the assessment procedure to ensure all examination formalities are correctly followed.

F. The use of headphones is forbidden and the microphone must be switched on during the entire duration of the examination..

G. A Valid identification document

Failure to meet any of the above-mentioned requirements shall impede the examination from taking place. It is forbidden to undertake the examination whilst using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

The candidate must carefully follow the guidelines indicated in this document, under penalty of annulment of the examination by the Examination Board. Examinations will be recorded and the Examination Board may verify the documentation uploaded, even in a second stage, in order to assess any incorrect behaviours.

To sit for the examination, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Book the exam on the didactic platform

  2. Access the “Distance Examination” section on the platform. Please note that exams are held from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. of the date booked. Once the exam session is initiated the student is allowed 30 minutes (or more, for exams for which a longer duration is established in advance) to complete the exam.

  3. Upload the valid identification document in a high-quality colour jpeg format and the maximum file size not exceeding 2 MB. The identification document must be legible and complete in all its parts.

  4. Read and accept the policy authorising video recording.

  5. After the end of the identification procedure, the webcam must be set to clearly focus on (thus avoiding any light reflections) the candidate concerned (i.e. face and upper torso, without wearing face masks).

  6. Click on the "CONFIRM" key to initiate the exam session.

  7. Candidates must remain seated during the entire duration of the examination, under penalty of annulment of the examination by the examination Board.

  8. Candidates are entitled to submit the test before the time expires, or use all the time to carry out any further checks.

  9. After the end of the examination, the candidate needs to scroll down the exam session up to the last page and click the "confirm" button.

  10. The examination result will be subsequently available in the Summary section. In the event that the examination is passed, candidates need to wait for the official endorsement by the Examination Board, to be expected within 48 working hours after the end of the exam. Once the examination is endorsed, the student may accept or reject the grade received by no later than 7 days from receipt of such. Should the student not make any communication in this regard, the exam grade received will be considered as accepted.

Eventual technical problems

In case of connection failure in the system, or if one voluntarily quits the examination or refreshes the page, the possibility to undertake the examination will be lost and it will only be possible to re-sit in the next exam session available. Should the candidate encounter any problem during the identification phase or while initiating the examination session, it is permissible to logout and access the examination area once again, in order to recommence the examination session.

The test is of 30 minutes’ duration. The countdown will indicate the time left and how many answers have been given out of the total.

Answers may be changed without limitation before submitting the examination.

Cases of Annulment of the examination

Examinations will be annulled in the event that:

  • The candidate commits illicit acts;
  • there is failure to comply with the Regulations;
  • there is any technical problem for which the University is not held liable

For any further technical clarification, an explanatory video-tutorial is available on:

For any further clarification regarding legal provisions, the Regulations are available on:

For any further assistance and support, please contact: - or call +39 081/18660000, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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