Our Platform

The E-learning Platform of Pegaso Online University is the first e-learning platform in Italy to be fully responsive and run through mobile Applications (iOs and Android), combining the most innovative technology to the modern e- learning methods.

  • It may be run from any device
  • It is 100% student-friendly
  • It is Connected 24h a day
  • It has Immediate access to the entire Pegaso Online University educational offer
  • It has Students community combined with the first online Hub, aimed at team building and launching of new businesses
  • It has Interactive modules with the most innovative live-chat technology: multichannel chat system, videochat, virtual classroom and much more.

Study Method

The didactic methodology of Pegaso Online University provides the use of didactic contents, materials and services useful for the educational and learning programme. The offer available includes:

  • video lessons, available 24/7
  • booklets featuring lessons with bibliographic references and notes
  • slides, enriched with texts, tables and charts audio commented by the lecturer
  • self-assessment tests to check learning status.

Students are involved in the activities of the virtual classroom supervised by tutors and professors, expert in the specific contents and trained in the technical-communicative aspects of online teaching.

Tutoring is imparted through the creation of interactive, synchronous and asynchronous online spaces (forums, web conferences, live sessions, etc.), or via e-mail in case of personalised requests for clarifications.

The criteria adopted for the assessment are determined by:

  • the results of mid-term tests that may consist of online evaluation tests (multiple- choice or open questions), mock tests, papers, workshop activities, projects
  • the attendance of online activities through the platform (frequency of the interaction and quality of the activities attended)
  • the results of the final exam.

Distance examinations

1. How to access the examination area

In the reserved area, the “Distance Examination” section lists, all the exam sessions that are available. Each examination session provides the date and schedule relevant for taking the examination. Access to the desired examination session is obtained by clicking on the "Reserve session" key.

2. Student Identification

Upload a colour copy of your valid identification document of good quality, not exceeding 2 mb, by clicking on "Choose File", then give your consent to the processing of your personal data (Policy). Now you may click on "Continue" to launch the facial recognition.

3. During the exam

The examination begins: you have 30 minutes to check the countdown. The system will ask for confirmation of your presence every 2 minutes. Once all questions are answered, you may send your test by clicking on the “Confirm” key in the footer (in order to proceed with the final submission, you must declare that you are the legitimate author of the exam and that it is your original work).

4. Examination results

Once the submission is confirmed, the outcome of the test may be seen immediately. By clicking on the “Analyse” key, you may see access the desired examination session, every answer given, and also check if the answer was wrong or right depending on the red or green colour.

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