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Italy: the country where the major western civilizations originated, where Humanism and Renaissance began, country of culture and freedom, land of Dante, Donatello, Michelangelo, Verdi, Leonardo Da Vinci .. a treasure chest.

Italy has an unprecedented historical, artistic and cultural heritage and, for this reason, it is a unique brand, recognisable in all its forms.
The Made in Italy, classified as the third brand in the world by reputation, after Coca Cola and Visa, not only expresses the identity of a country but also a great story and history told through its art, cinema with its most representative directors and movies, television, music, design, fashion, food and wine famous all over the world.

Italy has always been a widespread heritage of excellence, a cultural model for other countries in the world, a proud for new professional and cultural paths following the local tradition. Made in Italy is therefore synonymous with quality, successful performance from design to production, but above all expression of a style to which identity and projection have contributed so far- and not a little communication and information from the media, as well as social networks and digital technologies.

The Made in Italy postgraduate master courses, divided into various modules, offer an educational path focused on some of the most important features of Made in Italy (art, design, cinema, television, information, communication, economics, music) guided by national professors and professionals in the sector, in order to combine theories, experiences and skills.

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